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Improve Jumping between Digital Edges

Instead of making us hit the tiny Next Edge button to select a trace to use with the keyboard shortcuts N and P, allow us to simply highlight the trace we want to navigate on the left pane under Start. Then use Shift Left and RIght to navigate edges.

Also, allow us to highlight in the Decoded Protocols pane to navigate using keyboard from event to event.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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    Guest commented
    June 26, 2018 18:30

    Actually, this should be working. No need to click the small "Next Edge" button, just select the channel under "Start". The "P" and "N" keyboard shortcuts will move to the next edge corresponding to the channel that is selected on the left. Are you using the latest software version? As of Sept 12, 2017, we are on 1.2.14.

    Also, regarding navigating the Decoded Protocols window, I agree this would make navigation much easier. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be adding this feature to the current software, but we are considering improving how this is handled in a future UI refresh we are working on now.