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Implement low pass filter for Analog signal

It would be great to have option of low pass filter or any other sw filter for analog signals. Eg. If I record PWM output from microcontroller which should represent sine-wave signal, I would like to see that signal without using external hardware. This could be part of Analyzers for analog signals...

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  • Aug 2 2018
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    August 02, 2018 17:42

    I'd go with something like a low-pass, high-pass, and smoothing as the 3 to start with. If you treat it like just another channel, then it should be easy to apply a filter to a filtered set of data. This should keep things simple for the devs, and allow the users to create slightly complex filters.

    Last option I'd like on this is to be able to point to a filter script file of some sort, so more advanced users can implement digital filters or mix (analog and/or channels).