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New protocol: Toyota BEAN

I'd like to contribute some info if the community finds it useful.
Protocol description can be found here
and here US patent # US2002003781

In short, it's used for transmitting a number of not very important signals (doors open/closed, engine temp, electric load, etc) between numerous computers . Analyzing these signals is helpful when doing engine conversion (swap) in modern cars.

Currently, I got a Matlab script to decode data stream and run a quick statistics over it (delete duplicating packets , etc).

If there's some interest to the topic, I would post examples of captured stream, and corresponding exported binary file and my script's output

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  • Aug 2 2018
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    August 02, 2018 17:33

    I'm looking to decode and replay data in an IS300 and a Prius, so any information you can share would be very helpful.

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    August 02, 2018 17:33

    I am looking into using this communication bus in my '02 ES300 to add some new functionality such as Bluetooth proximity locking/unlocking. Having a decoder for this protocol would help tremendously! I fully intend on contributing back to the community with any knowledge I gather from these upcoming projects.