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Better correlation of decoded protocol and waveform

Clicking on a transaction of a decoded protocol zooms in on the section of the waveform, and while that's good, it's often more useful to see the waveform near the transaction (what happen before and after, or in time-relation to the other signals), where a more distant time view is preferred, considering one already has the transaction details in the decoded protocol view.

Additionally, it would be super awesome if clicking an I2C (or other decoded protocol) transaction *in the waveform* would highlight the transaction in the decoded protocol view.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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    August 02, 2018 17:22

    It is *very* hard to track which data is tied to one or another protocol, when more than one protocol is enabled. Some color highlighting could help, as well as proper feedback (when something is selected in a view, there should be, IMHO, some feedback shown on the other views that also show the same data with a different appearance, like signal waveform and decoded bytes). I recently lost 15 minutes trying to find why the 1-wire protocol was ok in the blue-background text, but not in the grey text (the reason was that two protocols where assigned to the same signal, the blue text was showing the 1-wire decoded frame, while the grey text was showing the UART decoded byte…)