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Smarter error/healthiness detection

Recently I have been silly enough to connect the ground cable to a non-ground pin. With this incorrect configuration the Logic program could not connect to the hardware without any hint or error message. This took few hours before I find out there is something wrong with cable settings. I think this is quite easy and straightforward for the firmware in the device to indicate whether the ground cable is really connected to a ground or not and then report it in the GUI within Logic program.

One more suggestion, would be to add a small LED which would be green in idle mode and correct cable configuration, red if cables are not connected or connected incorrectly, like what I did, and flashing green, if capturing data is in progress. Right now, the only way for me to know if the hardware is working (apart form GUI) is to feel if it is warm! Moreover, right now if capturing fails, you never know if there is a problem in software, cable, hardware or USB connection to the host.



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  • Aug 2 2018
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