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Allow for "best effort" capturing, where occasional packet drops are allowed.

Logic's current behavior for when it can't keep up to the capture stream is to stop, drop, and roll. User experience is to either retry with current settings or lower the rate.

I'm under the impression that Logic considers a single dropped packet to be enough to stop the capture. Being able to relax that and make the capture a "best effort" might be a better end-user experience. Basically I want to be able to adjust how many packets can be dropped during a capture before Logic gives up. If I'm probing a 1mHz signal at the full 100MS/s, I've got enough oversampling that dropping a measurement won't affect my results. Additionally, unless a trigger occurs between when a packet is dropped and when its neighbors get evicted from the pre-roll, the dropped packet wouldn't have been relevant anyway.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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