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Add 'Time between Edges Trigger'

Add 'Time between Edges' Trigger
It would be nice to have a trigger mode that would trigger when the time between consecutive edges falls outside a specified range. This is similar to the pulse width trigger but instead of looking at two different transition (low->high then high->low or vice versa) the system would consider consecutive similar transitions.

For example, I could set the trigger to watch for rising edges, set the window from .9ms - 1.1ms. If/when the time between rising edges on this channel falls below .9ms or above 1.1ms the system would trigger.

Seems like an extension of the 'Pulse Width' trigger and hopefully isn't too difficult to implement. Maybe this 'Pulse Width' trigger could simply be expanded- allow the user to set the transition style for the beginning and end of the pulse (low->high or high->low for both sides).

I can't tell if this is the same as what was requested in 'Trigger on both edges'. If so, please ignore.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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