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Export -> Save File: add (*.*) and (*.txt) for CSV

Please add file-types Any (*.*) and (*.txt) to the file-save dialog in the Export window for .tsv and .csv files.

The problem: I want to save my data to files with a .txt ending. However, in the case of tab-separated data, the ending .tsv is always appended to the file name, if I already written "myFile.txt". The default selection in the file value drop-down menu "Tab separated vales (*.tsv)" forces the addition of ".tsv" to the file name, so I end up with a file called "myFie.txt.tsv" !

It is common good practice to always allow load and saves to and from "Any (*.*)" file type in the file type selection drop-down.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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