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Have a glitch mode for the digital inputs,similar to the old HP analyzers.

on the HP logic analyzers, there was a glitch mode for the digital inputs. When in this mode, If a signal transitioned twice (lo-hi-lo, or hi-lo-hi) between sampling clocks, a dashed vertical line appeared (it was actually 3 segments, two long segments with a much smaller one in the middle - see attached photo). I do not know how it was implemented, but maybe they used used latches in parallel with the normal sampling inputs? I cannot recall if it cut the number of usable channels in half, or if it was limited to one of the logic analyzer's pod channels, or something else {it must have had some effect on the unit's capability, otherwise, there wouldn't be a reason for having a "mode" connotation :) }. This was a great benefit, especially for capturing noise events. I almost always had it enabled.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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