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Decoded Protocols: Display channel # or color next to decoded character

One user already suggested adding the time be displayed next to the decoded character. It would be helpful to know what channel the character occurred on when running multiple analyzers, indicated either by color, name, or channel number (pick one, doesn't have to be user selectable).

An additional bit of functionality would be to optionally allow specifying which channel(s) to include in the search. I have 8 serial channels being decoded, and I'd like to be able to only search within one of them.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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    August 02, 2018 16:54

    Thanks for sharing this. We're planning on redoing how our Protocol Analyzers window works, since we see lots of areas for improvements there, so this is useful for us to know.

    Regarding showing only specific channels to show in the Decoded Protocols window, you can hide the channels by clicking the gear icon on the channel itself (to the left of the trigger options button), and click "Hide this channel". Hiding the channels for a specific protocol will also prevent them from showing up in the Decoded Protocols window. I know this isn't the most elegant solution, but maybe it might help in the meantime while we work on the new software UI.