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Stream Logic data to external application

I would like an SDK option where my application could command your LogicPro 8 or 16 to gather data from your 12 bit A/D at a specific data rate, with no gaps. It could also "stream" the digital channels the same way.

For example, I would like to gather data at 1 us intervals from your a/d and stream them into my application, with no "restart" gaps.

It is expected that there will be circumstantial upper limits to this data gathering streaming feature, as CPU's, USB ports, hardware, Operating systems, etc., all vary in abilities.

That opens up a world of possibilities for uses and user generated code to your SDK. I can see user developed oscilloscopes, real time sensor monitoring, real time Logic Watching (at reduced sample rates) for other-wise un-catchable logic pattern events of arbitrary complexity.

This mode would be a simple data streaming mode, with no bells and whistles. The user would do the heavy lifting.

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  • Aug 2 2018
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    August 02, 2018 16:52

    same here!

    my use-case is to decode let's say a uart-protocol and have a standard terminal window running on the side that can sniff, decode and print the data in a standard syslog style format.

    suggest to use either or nanomsg as a transparent & ultra-fast glue between the saleae process and custom processes wanting to peek at the data.