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RESET confirmation

All the options under the 'RESET' menu (Everything, Channels Names, Channel Ordering, Channel Visibility, Trigger) should have a Confirmation pop-up before being actioned.
Today I had everything setup as I wanted it, and was just re-ordering the final channel when my mouse pointer moved slightly on the context menu and instead of being in "Move->Down" the menu changed to "Reset->Everything"... my finger was already well on its way to clicking and nothing was going to stop it, so in dismay I saw all my naming & arranging work vanish with a single misplaced click.
A simple "Confirm RESET - Everything [OK] [Cancel]" box would do, (with 'CANCEL') as the preselected default option.

Another is to make channel reordering easier with simple drag'n'drop, but that is already raised here:
So I won't raise it again, just vote on that issue too if you agree!

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  • Jun 26 2018
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