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Don't make device files world-writable in udev rules (or at least warn about it)

In the linux version of the software, there is an udev rules file included, which people are suggested to install. However, this rule file makes the device files world-writable, which is usually a bad idea. The common approach here is to make the device file group-writable and set the owning group to some group. Then add any users that need access to this device to that group.

Since this is tricky to set up properly (depending on distros and whatnot), this might not be feasible. But at the very least, a note about this should be made in the README, so users can investigate and take action themselves if they care.

An intermediate solution could be to let the install script check for $SUDO_USER, and make sure that the device files become owned by that user. This means that running the install script sets up the device files to be usable only by the user running the install script (through sudo), which covers the most common usecase, without opening up the permissons to the world.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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