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Have a protocol "quick view" or protocol autoanalysis

Your software is great, but I analyze "unknown" signals frequently. Without knowing what the signals are, creating an "analyzer" for signals is difficult. If you could either "guess" what a set of signals is likely to be, or even allow someone to view the signals with respect to the different protocols available "quickly", this kind of analysis could become trivial. As an example, I might not know if a pair of signals I'm viewing is a pair of i2c signals or maybe part of another protocol, like SPI. If the signals could be viewed as "i2c" and "partial spi" or something like that, I might be able to easily see that the signals are indeed i2c, or heavens no, there are too many errors for i2c, but maybe if I found 2 more signals, it could be SPI. This would be especially useful with several types of 1-wire signals, which can all pretty much look the same without being able to "line up" the signal with each of the timings.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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