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Add an option to disable animation in panning the display (->, <-, N, P)

This animation takes time, during which any further key presses (->, <-, N, P, ...) are not accepted, limiting the speed of stepping through the display. When I first saw this feature, especially with a zoom out and in again, I was concerned that style is valued over usability.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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    June 26, 2018 18:59

    Please, also provide a possibility to disable the automatic re-panning if the end of recorded data is reached/exceeded. When zooming out while focusing on e.g. a signal edge the sample time (under the cursor) should stay always the same, even if a part of the screen does not cover any recorded data anymore in lower zoom levels. I always lose the signal edge I am focusing when zooming out and the sudden re-panning happens.