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provide a network daemon handling the hardware interface that the user-interface can connect to.

Being (sometimes... besides other things...) an embedded developer, I have no shortage of computers in my lab, but they often are not placed conveniently relative to my main working PC. Also I sometimes work with devices measuring radiation, and while testing them doing their thing, I'm not allowed near them.

Having a way to install some kind of network daemon on a machine to which the logic-analyzer is connected, and have the user-interface connect to this daemon, would be a very useful feature for me.

The usecase I envision it the following: Connect LogicPro to a Linux machine. Unpack the Logic-Software, find a "logic-net-daemon". Run ./logic-net-daemon. It prints some status messages but otherwise remains without a user-interface. "(Waiting for connections...)". On my windows or linux desktop, the logic-analyzer on the first machine is automatically discovered over the network. It is shown just like a locally connected USB device.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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