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fix some things in the idea system

I am frustrated by many shortcomings in this system for accepting and tracking ideas... The bigger issues:
* Unclear how "Hot Ideas" is different from "New" or "Top"
* Need some way to ask about this system or make suggestions (like this). There is a "Give feedback" link, but IT JUST TAKES YOU TO GENERAL FEEDBACK, where you already are. Not sure what the link is good for.
* Need a way to see just the ideas I have votes on... so I can find them easily, and reclaim some votes if I want to.
* Where is the status "Completed"? Do ideas just get deleted once released? It would be handy to see a list of ideas that have recently been implemented.
* Implement an "and" search rather than an "or" search. As it is, you can pretty much only search for one word at a time... if you enter 2 words, you are just jumbling multiple lame searches into a single list, which is even more lame.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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