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More intuitive spi decoding setup for both mosi and miso decoding

I'd just tried to capture a spi transfer (both directions, of course) and go straight into the pitfall that the spi protocol analyzer samples both Mosi and Miso at the same clock edge. For my opinion, this is very very uncommon for spi transfer, to sample Mosi and Miso at the same clock edge.
Of cause, I've then found the workaround using a second spi decoder, but it feels right inconvenient to need 2 decoders for just 1 spi connection.
Further disadvantage is, that I need to export 2 csv files et cetera.
It would be very nice, if you could make the spi protocol analyzer capable to sample both Mosi and Miso in the correct way (means, both on different edges) without the need to define 2 decoders.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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