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Redirecting of Analyzer packets to a user-defined UDP host and port

It could be useful for writing custom applications in any programming language for extended analyzing.

Alternatively this could be used to redirect the packets to a non-existing local UDP port and further analyzed with Wireshark.

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  • Jun 26 2018
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    June 26, 2018 18:37

    Hi Cem,

    He have an overall vision for how processing like this might be done, but that is pretty far out on the horizon. In the meantime, our analyzers are open source, and they run on the data as it arrives - in real time, if possible. You could add code to the analyzer you are trying to use to output the results to a socket as they are decoded.

    Protocol analyzers try to run in real time, but that's not enforced at all. Low speed protocols like serial, I2C or anything running with a bit rate under 1 mbit/sec usually run in real time though.

    Ultimately we want to make the analyzer API a dream to work with. Right now, it's a very rigid C++ API. While it would be possible to write a generic C++ to anything adapter right now, we would like to fix this properly later on.

    This is one of those things we won't start on until we've grown our team out significantly. You can read about our expectations for software development here: