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Add pre-trigger time to files exported to matlab format.

the data exported to Matlab format contains all samples within the pre-trigger period. That is perfect. However, there is no information about the "time 0" displayed in the Logic UI.

I know that this time directly correlates to the "Pre-trigger buffer size" settings. When analyzing exported files, there is no way to figure out what this buffer size was set to.

It would be nice to just have an additional item "pretrigger_time" provided along with the data.

Anyhow, nice work!

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  • Jun 26 2018
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    June 26, 2018 18:35

    Thanks Sebastian, I've just logged this as a bug, as it's definitely a problem. I'll make sure that this gets fixed the same time we fix a few other open data export bugs.

    Also, a note on the the pre-trigger buffer size. This is actually a maximum, so you are not guaranteed to collect all of it. For instance, if you set the pre-trigger buffer size to 10 seconds, and then start a capture, but the trigger event occurs 1 second later, you will only end up with 1 second of pre-trigger data.

    If you need a quick fix, and don't need any data before the trigger, I recommend setting the size to something very small, possibly 1 sample. (don't set it for zero, that value is supposed to be not possible, but it can be set, and will crash the software. We're working on that too)